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Built Ins, Custom Furniture Designs & Millwork

Streamline Modern, is actively creating a turn key approach for Interior Designers, Architects, and Theater Room installers for creating custom furnishings, millwork and an entire range of products for every kind of design style imaginable. We have the artisans and craftsmen worldwide to create the type of environment you desire. We are proud to be offering design by Roger Heitzman. Roger’s design sense is impeccable and it offers Streamline Modern the ability to create the additional elements that will complete your look, whether you need custom furniture, millwork, metalwork, sculptures, carved glass, relief panels and terra cotta, custom fabrics, bedding, carpets or more, Streamline Modern can work for you to accomplish your overall vision.

“Roger Heitzman” For many years I have been fascinated by functional art, and for me the most appealing approach has been through furniture and it’s most natural medium, wood. I have always felt that furniture should do more than simply serve a practical purpose; I feel it should also offer a unique visual expression that enhances and transcends function. Ideally this expression will come from a skillful blend of distinct visual design and high quality craftsmanship.

There is a specific challenge within each new piece in that there should always be a unique harmony between visual design, function and construction. It is always an exciting moment when that harmony is found.

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